Truck Trailer Axle Repair Services, Axle Doctor, Axle Surgeons

Truck Trailer Axle Repair Services, Axle Doctor, Axle Surgeons

Mobile and Shop In-House Axle Repair Services

We have the facilities and expertise necessary to repair your truck axles. If you need mobile heavy-duty truck axle repair services, we’ll send an experienced technician to your location with the tools and resources necessary to replace, machine, or rethread your axle. It isn’t always practical to bring your axle to our location or to remove your heavy axle from your commercial or personal truck, so we bring our tools and resources to your roadside or shop locations national.

In-house services include both standard and expedited lead times. We handle all of our in-house spindle and axle repairs in Class 10,000 HEPA clean rooms, so the disassembly, reassembly and testing are all performed at the strictest levels of quality control.

From the largest commercial truck axles to the smallest CNC spindles, our precision machine shop is capable of tolerances to one micron. Find out how our effective services can be used to handle common truck axle repair issues that you may experience at home, at the shop or on the road.

Get back on the road in hours with Axle Surgeons®, the mobile spindle replacement specialists. A bad spindle or spider plate can can keep your trailer down for days. We replace damaged trailer and drive spindles on vehicles 3/4 ton and up and replace spider plates on heavy-duty trailers. When you call for a spindle replacement, our service experts conduct a free inspection of the spider plate, then replace only the parts you need. If you need both a trailer spindle and spider plate, you pay a reduced combination repair rate. We also custom-fit spider plates for most makes and models, even obsoletes.

Stronger than new. Axle Surgeons® replacement techniques are safer, more durable, than old-fashioned patches and repairs. Only official Axle Surgeons® have the machines and parts necessary to apply the patented process developed by the company and are licensed to display the Axle Surgeons® brand name

The Industry's First Serviceable Spindle

A revolutionary process for repairing axle spindles


Our Process

Our Process starts with a phone call from the repair shop or truck owner in need of a new spindle. A UA certified spindle technician will arrive on location in their mobile service vehicle. The technician will begin by removing the spindle. Once the damaged spindle is removed, the axle tube will be machined. Threads will be integrated into the axle tube. At this point, the axle is transformed with an end that can be serviced over and over with spindles if needed – for example in the coal mine industry. The spindle is threaded into place torqued down to desired torque. Then, a final weld is made. The initial installation takes only three hours to complete from start to finish.


If the spindle were ever in need of replacement again it can be easily removed. The spindle technician would only need to cut the weld and remove the old spindle. Then, the new spindle can be threaded back into place. This replacement process is completed in under two hours.





The new Find Trucks Services axle and spindle repair service addresses an expensive problem that trucks and trailers can experience —worn or damaged axle spindles caused by the wheel bearing failure.

It is a proven and reliable process utilizing our patent pending technology which enables us to replace spindles the way they were originally manufactured.

Our Axel repair Process


The majority of roadside breakdowns are tire related. Properly identifying bad spindles can help prevent you from becoming part of this statistic. Red flags to watch out for include: metal shavings in hub oil, wheel seal leaking, or hub hot to the touch after driving distances. Running a truck on bad bearings increases the chance of damaging the spindle. Once damage has occurred options are limited. Either entire axle will need replaced or spindle replacement. Find Trucks Services Axle has revolutionized the replacement spindles and process.
The first step in the replacement process is the remove the old damaged spindle. We can then smooth and clean up the axle tube in preparation for the new threaded spindle. 


After axle tube is prepared, the bushing is machined to custom fit the axle tube. Once the precise size has been achieved, the axle tube can now be threaded to accept the new spindle replacement. It is then threaded into the axle tube and torqued down to specifications.


Once the spindle is threaded in and torqued down, our technician can make the final weld. This will seal the axle housing for drives and air suppression systems. 
Once our spindle technician has completed the spindle replacement, the vehicle is ready for wheel assembly. 

Our Axel repair method is the best solution available in the market for the problem of fixing burned out wheel bearings or bent spindles.

  • We can repair the vehicle at any location.
  • There is no need to remove the axle from the truck or trailer.
  • Once the repair is complete, the vehicle is back in operation immediately.
  • We can repair both drive and trailer axle spindles.
  • We can replace a full spindle on a drive and trailer axle or we can replace an outside thread and bearing journal on trailer axles.
  • kingpin becomes worn the traditional method of repair is usually to cut out the floor, cross members and bolster plate and pin.

    This process takes time and will usually be performed at a trailer repair facility meaning the trailer can be out of service for one to three days.
    Find Trucks Services can refurbish the pin right on the trailer on-site and we can have you back in service within a few hours.

    Furthermore Find Trucks Services guarantees the refurbished pin to last at least 3 annual DOT inspections when the trailer is operating under normal operating conditions.